Why We Do What We Do



Why we do it

Dr. Ricci, Director/Co-Founder of FREND contracted Cancer from second-hand smoke. As a result, he has dedicated his life to helping others avoid chronic stress, obesity, smoking, insomnia and more.

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What we do

We provide free education, inspiration and training that is proven very effective for stress management and stress-related issues.

When we help people eliminate the Cause (Stress), the Effect (smoking, excess weight, pain, insomnia, alcohol and drug abuse) can be successfully dealt with.

Helping people Mentally and Physically

Since 1994, FREND has been working hard to help people reach their true potential and improve the quality of their live.

Bottom Line is that attendees

  •  Adopt a new positive outlook on life

  •  Reduce stress, tension and anxiety

  •  Quit smoking

  •  Lose excess weight

  •   Realize improvement in their attitude toward themselves, family and co-workers

  •   Gives people faith and hope that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to so they and their loved ones can enjoy life to the fullest



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