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Acceptance of hypnosis in medicine evolved slowly. Today, it is an accepted modality in heath practice.

  • In 1847, the Roman Catholic Church indicated acceptance of hypnosis, noting that hypnosis was not morally forbidden

  • ln 1955 The British Medical Association had issued its report on hypnosis in the British Medical Journal, with which the AMA’s Council on Mental Health indicated “essential agreement.”

  • In 1956, Pope Pius XII noted its use for childbirth and indicated the need for proper precautions as for other forms of medical treatment. Other religions (with exceptions) have shown acceptance, with ministers of different faiths trained in and using hypnosis in their practices.

  • In 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) published and approved a report from a 2-year study by the Council on Mental Health. The report indicated that there can be “definite and proper uses of hypnosis in medical and dental practice” and recommended the establishment of “necessary training facilities” in the United States.

  • In 1961, The American Psychiatric Association, in a position statement approved by the Council of the Association, indicated that “hypnosis has definite application in the various fields of medicine”. Dr. Ricci's Curriculum Vita'

  • In 1996, A National Institutes of Health panel issued a statement published by the AMA indicating that there was “strong evidence for the use of hypnosis in alleviating pain associated with cancer.”


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