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Welcome to The FREND Group

FREND is a charitable self-improvement clinic designed to help improve the health of the whole person - Mentally, Physically and Inspirationally through education and treatment.

FREND has awarded hundreds of Service Grants to organizations nationwide. Our Service Grant is a grant of service that pays all professional fees for a proven-effective clinical seminar that not only helps eliminate stress and stress related issues such as excess weight, smoking, pain, insomnia and addictive behavior, it also helps improve attendees overall outlook on life.

FREND has conducted its proprietary program for more than 200 organizations nationally with over 150,000 people attending.


Our Cutting Edge Modality is...


Results After One 2-Hour Seminar

  • Barbara S., County Supervisor, CA

"I've worked for the County for 28 years, and have attended stress trainings, but nothing as beneficial. I've supervised employees for quite a few years, and am confident this training is a must. It will help those with any issues they deal with, either personally or at work. This would help the employees in becoming healthier. I lost eight pounds (First month so far.) thank you"!

  • Linda S, County Employee, CA

"Not only have you assisted in maintaining my stress level, sleep, physical pain and weight management, you also assisted in saving my marriage. It was our anniversary and we have been going through some really tough times and we were not dealing with them very well. Since attending your seminar, we have communicated a lot better and have been able to really focus on us and the love we share for each other and letting go of the "life" stuff that gets in the way. Thank You!!!!!"

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