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Welcome to The FREND Group - A charitable, teaching, treating and inspirational health clinic where "Good people can achieve great things"

Executive Director, Dr. Frank Ricci, is a Behavioral Therapist and Inspirational Speaker.  Over 200 organizations nationally and more than 150,000 employees have attended Dr. Ricci's "Mind Power - Self Improvement" presentaions.  Organizations like the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, General Dynamics, health organizations, the State of California and numerous corporate, county and city governments.

The American Cancer Society supports Dr. Ricci for his ability to educate and treat people on how to improve the quality of their life, The Urban League for motivating inner-city youth to aspire to a higher education and the Endeavor School for Down Syndrome Children awarded Frank a Humanitarian Award for enriching the lives of children with Down Syndrome through compassion, understanding and music.

ORGANIZATIONS can receive a "Service Grant" for their employees for Stress, Weight, Smoking, Pain and more - Click on Program 1 below

INDIVIDUALS can receive a Private Session - Click on Programs 2, 3 or 4 below


Frank Ricci Teaching

1. Free Seminar / Clinic

Stress, Weight, Smoking, Pain, Insomnia
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2. Clinical Hypnotherapy

Available In Person, Skype or Telephone
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Family Praying

3. Life Management Coaching

Available In-Person, Skype or Telephone
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Compatibility Guidance

4. Compatibility Guidance

Available In-Person, Skype or Telephone
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Testimonials & Endorsements

Corporate, Government, Police, Firefighters
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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions - We Have Answers
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Fascinating Science

Proven Science Supporting Our Program
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  Words To Live BY

Words To Live By

Sayings That Motivate & Excite
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Self-Improvement Programs

Clinically Produced & Proven Effective
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