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The FREND Group is a leading charitable health clinic that dedicates its clinical expertise to improving the quality of life through education, treatment and motivation. We award "Service Grants" that conduct no-cost seminar/clinics proven effective at helping eliminate stress, lose excess weight, quit smoking, reduce pain, improve sleep and much more.

Our proprietary program is:

*   Endorsed by American Cancer Society, California State Association of Counties, General Dynamics and more

*   Recommended by National Institute of Health

*   Approved by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association

ORGANIZATIONS - To be awarded a "Service Grant" Click on and review 1.

INDIVIDUALS - To receive a free "Private Session" Click on and review 2. or 3.


Frank Ricci Teaching

    1.  Service Grant for
          Seminar/Health Clinic


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   2.  Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Quit
         Smoking, Improve Sleep & Pain


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    3.  Life Management Coaching,

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