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"Good people can achieve great things when
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Do you want to empower yourself to attain success in your professional and/or personal life we can help. One of our principles is to make sure the best needs of our clients are communicated and met.


Relationship counselling is the process of counselling the parties of a human relationship in an effort to recognize, and to better manage or reconcile, troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship. The relationship involved may be between members of a family or a couple (see also family therapy), employees or employers in a workplace, or between a professional and a client.

Regardless of what some people may say, men and woman do think differently. When they speak, although they may say the same words, there can be differences in the meaning.

Dr. Frank Ricci employs analytical questionnaires that can clearly define what is meant when a female says something and her counterpart thinks something different. For example: A female may say, "I would like to spend a nice night with you watching TV" and the male thinks, "Wow I am going to have a wild night of love-making", only to find out later when his advances are rejected that, that is not what she meant at all.

We teach the female what and why she functions the way she does and the male what and why he functions the way he does. Once they understand what makes the other tick the relationship can improve dramatically.

It is also surprising to either one when we describe where their thinking came from. How it got started and developed and what influenced it during their informative years.

Couples we counsel become closer than then they were before and their relationship dramatically improves. This improvement becomes more important when there are children involved.


“Your future does not lie in front of you, it lies above you” ~ Dr. Frank Ricci

Spiritual Counseling - By request

When helping couples with relationship issues, Frank's approach is basically secular in nature. However, upon request from the couple Dr. Ricci can introduce the spiritual aspect of a relationship.

Frank Ricci is a Behavioral Therapist, Inspirational Speaker and Certified Minister. His approach is conservative, always compassionate and believes in a common sense approach to life's problems.

Frank focuses' on the spiritual aspect of people's lives. How their spiritual beliefs guide them on their daily journey through God's world.

Frank will speak to individuals and/or couples regarding everyday concerns or pre-marital preparation and also speaks to groups.

He helps clients develop healthy relationships and for married couples how to avoid divorce whenever possible.

Frank teaches parties how to recognize and better manage troublesome differences and repeating patterns of stress. The relationship, may be between a couple or members of a family.

Why Mind/Body/Spirit Counseling

The Spirit is the expression of how the Mind and Body are working together. Inspiring one spiritually usually leads to people taking better care of their body and mind.

By improving the Mind and Body, the Spirit will soar to new heights. All three, Mind, Body and Spirit work together synergistically to create a healthier vibrant you.

You cannot affect one without affecting the others. That is why this integrative program is geared to improving the whole person.

Tailoring The Program

Depending on an individuals personal needs or the needs of an entire organization, Frank can tailor his approach to accomodate them.

An individual - can take advantage of the one-on-one sessions, or based on their schedule or distance, utilize the Clinical Self-Improvement CD's (This should be discussed with your Life Management Coach).

An organization - can expand and tailor this program by adding motivational seminars and clinics for their people.

We work with Individuals and Couples

"I am a totally changed woman. There is a need for this service everywhere." - Margie S., CA

We also conduct Group Seminar/Clinics

"In my 38 years of teaching I have observed many speakers and attended many workshops. This ranks as one of the best.” – Ronald Locicero, Cec Bell, Principal

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