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"Star Power" combats destructive behavior in our youth and prepares our next generation of leaders for success.

"Star Power" is a special two-hour program that includes fascinating advanced modalities such as Positive Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, wrapped in a highly entertaining educational package that youth relate to. The goal is to help attendees realize and experience their innate abilities and potential under the direction of Dr. Frank Ricci.

Star Power eliminates inhibitions quickly and the attendees display their hidden talent they previously were reluctant to expose. The program has been video taped and played back in a classroom setting where students viewed themselves displaying their hidden talent which in turn dramatically increases their feeling of self-worth.

As a result, participants adopt a new passion for life and a heightened awareness of self-worth and respect for their body. This transformation effectively combats any desire for substance abuse such as addiction to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, that can easily derail a young person's otherwise bright future.

Life truly takes on a whole new meaning and the results can be dramatic and immediate.

The following endorsements bring to light the success of this innovative program.


Independence High School

"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Dr. Frank Ricci. I searched long and hard to find a speaker for my Tobacco use prevention education group.

In my 38 years of teaching I have observed many speakers and attended many workshops. This ranks as one of the best.He was very motivating and is an expert in behavior modification. By the end of the night he had students "ready to quit" smoking.

If you have an opportunity to have Frank work with your group you will not regret it. - Ronald Locicero, TUPE Coordinator ESUHSD, Independence High School, San Jose, CA

Oakland High School

"Amazing! You are incredible!! The best thing we ever did.

Thank you for making it such a memorable evening for our students. Your event was fun, motivating, and appropriate for our audience.

You were most gracious in accommodating us as well as professional in addressing our concerns." - Kathy Brenner, Program Director, Oakland High School

Humanitarian Award

"Endeaver School of Fullerton for trainable mentally retarded is proud to present this unique humanitarian award to Frank Ricci.

Awarded for the unselfish love friendship and understanding he has shown for many years to a Down's Syndrome child." - Endeaver School of Fullerton, California.

Urban League

"The class was very impressed and found your talk informative. They expressed that your talk was for them and not someone talking down to them.

Most (guest speakers) seem to talk over the students heads because they have never had to fight for anything and therefore have no insight on what it means to constantly fight all one's life." - Morris Herndon, Urban League, Los Angeles, CA  

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