How Our Program Prevents Suffering and Saves Lives

Did You Know

It is proven beyond a doubt that people who smoke, are obese, or stressed are more likely to contract debilitating diseases than those who donít.

The potential suffering and premature death of your people in need of help can be effectively reduced by the professional therapy funded by our training grant program.

This program is needed

  • You have employees who smoke, a lot more who are overweight, and more than that who are stressed. Some, we fear, use illegal drugs and/or drink too much.

  • This program prevents human suffering and saves lives.

  • It is free from any professional fees to your organization and your people.

  • It doesn't compete with your wellness program; in fact, it will improve it.

  • Our program is proprietary! Existing wellnes and EAP programs do not have this program.

  • It's a safe alternative treatment that has proven to be more effective than conventional treatment.

  • It can reduce personnel turnover and absenteeism.

  • The FREND group does all the work (except for the organization notifyiing its employees of the upcoming workshop).

  • Accepted by, state, county and city governments, Law enforcement, health organizations, educational institutions, associations and unions.

  • This program reaches out to the community including your employees and their loved ones.

Chronic Stress - Precursor to Disease

Chronic Stress is classified a disorder

It is essentially a State of Anxiety which causes disease because of the affect it has on the human immune system and other functions of the body.

  • Is a primary factor in the cause of Insomnia (inability to sleep)

  • Causes Hypertension which can lead to stroke and heart attack.

  • Is the primary factor in Bruxism (Grinding of teeth).

  • It inhibits the proper functioning of cells resulting in the potential onset of cancer, hypertension, vascular, heart and other life threatening diseases.

Linked to cancer

A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic revealed that over 70% of their adult cancer patients experienced an extremely stressful situation in their life approximately 18 months prior to being diagnosed with cancer.

Several other studies have linked stress to being a possible contributor to causing cancer.

Is directly and/or indirectly the cause of most doctor's visits

The primary cause is anxiety (a state of anxiousness or great concern whether real or imagined)..

Reduces Absenteeism

People who are obese, use tobacco, illegal narcotics, consume too much alcohol, or are constantly stressed get sick more frequently

These disorders tend to breakdown the immune system, which in turn increases the potential for chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardio-vascular problems, and more

People with a sub-health condition will call in sick more often and must frequently take a leave of absences to recover

Much of this can be prevented if you allow your people to experience our therapy

Provides An Important Service That May Not Be Covered By Group Health Insurance

We know of no insurance plan or HMO that pays for group behavior modification hypnotherapy to eliminate the disorders we treat unless itís administered by a medical doctor or psychologist

Some plans sponsor classes and pay for private hypnotherapy and some pay for a limited number of counseling sessions with a licensed counselor, while others pay for nicotine treated gum, patches, or prescribed medication

However, we are not aware of any that pays for behavior modification utilizing group hypnotherapy administered by board certified clinical hypnotherapist

Provides Professional Help Many Of Your People May Not Be Able To Afford

Can most of your people afford the customary fee for private therapy of $150.00 per session

This grant will allow your people to receive professional help with no professional fees

Can Help Reduce Premature Illness or Death

You may have people in key positions suffering from the disorders we help. If you lost any of these people it could have serious repercussions throughout your organization

Our clinicians can help prevent these potential debilitating diseases or premature death

Effective Way To Combat Stress

Eliminate the cause that triggers the anxiety. Altering one's state of mind is the safest and most effective way to deal with chronic, acute stress

Combining professional behavior modification techniques such as positive imaging, cognitive therapies and motivational psychology is one of the most effective and safest methods of providing relief from chronic stress (They are safer than drugs or alcohol)


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