24 Reasons Why This Program is Vital


1. For the first time, medical benefits are the most expensive benefits paid by employers!

Excess Weight and Obesity

2. Costs Americans $122.9 billion annually (Obesity in America.org)
3. 65% of Americans are overweight and 33% are obese. Obesity is classified as a serious disease. (American Medical Association)
4. 33% of cancer deaths are related to improper nutrition. (American Cancer Society)
5. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, while Diabetes is 6th and obesity contributes to both of them. (Network News - Netscape Navigator)
6. Can cause sexual dysfunction, impotence, high blood pressure. (American Cancer Society)
7. Can cause blindness, destruction of kidneys, amputation of limbs.
8. Food bill is about 18% higher than a person who is trim. (American Cancer Society)

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

9. Costs Americans $157 billion annually (American Cancer Society)
10. Kills 1/2 million people every single year. More than cocaine, heroin, alcohol, fire, auto
accidents, homicides, suicides and AIDS all combined.
11. 4,000 chemicals, 401 poisons and 43 known cancer-causing agents in tobacco products. (American Cancer Society)
12. One drop of Nicotine will kill average size man in a few minutes. (American Cancer Society)
13. Smoking contributes to 10% of all infant deaths, 25% of all low birth-weight, spontaneous
abortions, birth defects, stillbirths, and premature deliveries.
14. Smokers who smoke one pack of cigarettes per day spend between $150.00 to $250.00 per
month. (That’s $1,800 to $3,000 per year. The cost of a great healthy vacation).
15. 24% of Americans smoke. The rate in industries such as transportation is as high as 40%.

Chronic Stress

16. Costs $200 billion annually (International Survey Research Group)
17. Up to 90% of all doctors visits are directly or indirectly caused by chronic stress.
18. Causes 40% of all employee turnovers. (Bureau of National Affairs)
19. Stressed employees are 2-times more likely to be absent more than 5-times per year. (American Journal of Health Promotion)
20. “Job pressures” account for nearly 70% of all Workers’ Compensation Claims. (California Workers Compensation Institute)
21. Stressed employees are 30% more likely to have accidents. (Harvard Business Review)
22. Stressed employees tend to alienate customers. A study of 100 companies found that a 5% reduction in customer defection translates to 30% to 85% loss in corporate profitability. (Frederick Reichheld & W. Earl Sasser, published in the Harvard Business Review)

Drugs & Alcohol

23. Drugs cost: $175 billion annually (The President’s Office of National Drug Control Policy).
24. Alcohol cost: $100 billion annually (National Library of Medicine)


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